Weekly Education Disability Benefits



No. A-06/94
Property & Casualty
For 1994, weekly education disability benefits should be worked out using the amount $595.74 as average weekly earnings. The corresponding gross annual income is, therefore, $30,978.48 ($595.74 X 52 weeks).

Subsection 15(5) of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule  establishes the way you determine the weekly education disability benefit. The amount of the weekly benefit is one half of the person's net weekly income.


The calculation for weekly education disability benefits, described in subsection 15(5), starts with a person's gross annual income equal to Ontario's Average Weekly Earnings (as published by Statistics Canada) for June of the previous year, multiplied by 52. After the gross annual income is determined, the net weekly amount is calculated in the usual way, as described in sections 81 and 82 of the Schedule.


In future years, the average weekly earnings figure you use to calculate weekly education disability benefits will be published in the Ontario Gazette.


D. Blair Tully

April 14, 1994

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