Guidelines for filing underwriting rules



No. A-11/95
- Auto
Property & Casualty

To the attention of all insurance companies licensed
to write automobile insurance in Ontario

All insurers writing automobile insurance are required to file their underwriting rules with the Ontario Insurance Commission (OIC).

We have updated the guidelines used for filing underwriting rules for automobile insurance.

Enclosed are the new guidelines, with information provided under the following headings:

  • Purpose of the guidelines.
  • Legislative requirements.
  • Procedures.
  • Explanation of forms.

Five forms to be used as appropriate in filing underwriting rules are attached. Three forms relate to private passenger automobile insurance. Two forms are for categories other than private passenger automobile insurance.

The forms and the manner in which they are to be used are described in the guidelines. The new forms should be used when you amend underwriting rules. There is no requirement to complete any of the forms unless:

  • a change in underwriting rules is contemplated;
  • a consolidated list of rules has not been filed with the OIC; or
  • there is a change of status in the writing of a category of automobile insurance, (i.e., a decision to write or not write a category).

A complete list of rules for the category must be filed each time you change one of the rules within a category. Also, you must file a copy of the rate manual pages that are updated to reflect the new rules once the review by the OIC has been completed.

If your company has not already done so, please review your underwriting rules to take into account the changes made by the Facility Association effective May 1, 1995 to the definition of a Residual Market Risk under its Plan of Operation. These changes are outlined in Bulletin No. F95-007 dated March 1, 1995 from the Facility Association. If you propose amending your underwriting rules as a result of these changes, please file them using the enclosed package.

Note: If the definition of a Residual Market Risk is included in your rate manual, please amend the pages accordingly and file them with us.

You do not have to file with the OIC any internal rules used for ceding risks to the Risk Sharing Pool.

As in the past, the OIC expects you to provide optional coverages to non-Residual Market Risks. In addition, we encourage companies to take individual risks who meet the Facility Association criteria, and commend insurers who do so.

The new guidelines are effective immediately.

If you have any questions or require additional forms, please contact your anealyst in the Rates and Classifications Branch.


Charles Anderson
Rates and Classifications Branch

July 12, 1995

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