Revised OEF 4a, 5 and 5c



No. 17/93
Property and Casualt
Here's the new wording for three Ontario endorsement forms.


  • 4a Permission to Carry Explosives Endorsement
  • 5 Permission to Rent or Lease Endorsement (Specified Lease)
  • 5c Permission to Rent or Lease Endorsement (unspecified lessees - short term
    leases only)

Ontario companies writing automobile insurance should use the revised forms beginning December 1, 1993. These attached revisions are the result of an ongoing review program between the Commission and the industry.


Please attach the revised versions to all new policies and destroy old versions of these forms.

After December 1 the new wording will apply to all policies.


New Wording

Endorsement forms 5 and 5c

The changes on both forms correct exclusion 1.3.2. by adding the words except where R.S.O. 1990 C.I.8 s. 263, Direct Compensation - Property Damage applies.

Endorsement form 4a

Reference to any exclusion in Part C has been deleted.


D. Blair Tully

5 November 1993




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