New Certificate of Automobile Insurance (Declaration Page)



No. A-31/93
Property & Casualty
Here is the new plain language Certificate of Automobile Insurance and a listing of the elements. These changes take effect March 1, 1994 for new business and May 1, 1994 for renewal business. Revisions to the Certificate were identified in Bulletin No. 19/93.


The new standard layout has been developed using the new elements. If you use this form as is, no further approval is required from the Commission. Any changes to this form must be approved by the Commission.


The Certificate and the listing of elements do not include the text describing the Insurance Coverages. This text will come from the new Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1) that is being finalized.


You are receiving this portion of the Certificate now to give you time to make the necessary systems changes.


A complete Certificate will be released early in 1994.


D. Blair Tully

December 23, 1993

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