Dispute Resolution Case Directory: Agreement and Indemnification

Access to the FSCO Case Management Portal (CMP) is restricted to duly authorized users.
The Firm (hereby defined as including but not limited to an Insurance Company, Law Firm, Licensed Paralegal Firm, Lawyer, Licensed Paralegal or other Insurer Representative), through its designated Account Manager, agrees and acknowledges that access to the CMP is restricted solely to users duly and directly authorized by the Account Manager, to access and use the CMP.
The Account Manager is responsible for the integrity and maintenance of the passwords for his or her Firm, required to access the CMP.
The Account Manager is responsible for implementing and exercising security precautions to control access to and use of the CMP by the employees of his or her Firm and its contents and password protection. He or she will do so with at least the same degree of care and to the same standards as are exercised by the Firm with regard to the Firm's own confidential and proprietary information.
The Account Manager shall make certain that only authorized users of his or her Firm will be permitted access to and use of the CMP. In the event that he or she becomes aware of any unauthorized access to the CMP, the Account Manager shall promptly notify FSCO by email to FSCODRCD@fsco.ca of the breach. Once so notified, FSCO shall discontinue the Firm’s access to the CMP until security is re-established by the Account Manager to the satisfaction of both FSCO and the Account Manager.
The Account Manager is the central contact for the Firm on any and all matters related to the CMP.
The Firm agrees to indemnify FSCO against any and all losses, claims or damages that any person may incur or suffer because of unauthorized access to or use of the CMP, as a result of any negligence or other fault of the Firm, its employees, agents or contractors.
Updated September 2014