Minister's Schedule of Required Fees

​​Fees made under the Insurance Act, section 121(1): 
1) License a new insurance company where Ontario is the primary regulator (ie for a provincially incorporated company) - section 40(1)​$4,000​
2) Application for a section 110 receipt​$200​
3) Annual examination fee for Ontario incorporated life insurance companies. - section 443​$5,000 per company plus balance of OSFI’s cost, pro-rated on gross premium revenue of the companies​
4) Change of Name for Agents’ Licence - section 393​$25​
5) Agent and adjuster licensing fees: 
    a) Agents (all) - section 393(3), (6), (11) 
    b) Agent companies - section 400
    c) Agent partnerships - section 399(1)
    d) Adjusters - section 397(1) 
    e) An Adjuster that is a proprietor, partnership, or a corporation - sections 399(1), 400(1)​

$150 per 2-year licence
$400 per 2-year licence
$200 per 2-year licence
$75 per 1-year licence
$200 per 1-year licence​
6) Transfers - section 422​$50 per transfer​
7) Application for arbitration - section 282(1)​$100 per arbitration application​
8) Appeal of an order of an arbitrator, for Notice of Appeal - section 283​$250 per appeal application​
9) Duplicate licence for Agents - section 393(1)​$25 per copy​
10) Certificates of Authority (other Provinces)​$25 per certificate​
11) Certificate or Superintendent’s letter attesting to the Status of a Licence​$25 per certificate or letter​
12) Certificate issued by the Superintendent under section 25(2) of the Act​$25 per certificate​
13) Application to vary or revoke an order - section 284​$250 per application​
14) Photocopying: rate manuals per category of automobile insurance​$100​
​15) Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP) fees under Ontario Regulation 347/04​a) $70 per student registered in a life insurance agent course

b) $42 per student registered in an accident and sickness insurance agent course

c) $14 per student registered in only the ethics and professional practice portion of an LLQP course

For more details, see the Minister's Schedule of LLQP Fees [PDF Document] Size: ## kb.

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Fees Made under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario Act, 1997, subsection 27(1)

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