Reinsurance guidelines for Ontario incorporated and licensed companies         



No. G-13/94
- General
These reinsurance guidelines apply only to insurance companies incorporated in Ontario.

We have developed these guidelines for two reasons: first, to recognize the risks that companies face when making reinsurance arrangements; and second, to harmonize Ontario's rules with those of the federal government so that insurance companies operating and licensed in Ontario will all use similar rules, regardless of whether they are incorporated provincially or federally.

These guidelines are effective immediately except where we have indicated a specific implementation date.


Federal guidelines are contained in the Reinsurance (Canadian Companies) Regulations. They set limits on:

  1. the level of reinsurance that federally incorporated companies can place with a company that is not federally registered;

  2. the degree of reinsurance (for non-life business) that federally incorporated companies
    may purchase based on the level of business (risk) they take on.

The accompanying guidelines for Ontario incorporated and licensed companies parallel these federal rules.


Lawrie Savage
Superintendent of Insurance

August 22, 1994


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