Complete your mandatory Continuing Education course and Renew your mortgage licence by March 31, 2014

Your mortgage licence will expire effective March 31, 2014.

This is a reminder that the licence renewal period for mortgage brokers and agents for 2014 -2016 begins on February 1st.  Principal brokers are required to initiate licence renewals for themselves and for each broker and agent in the brokerage.  Licences must be renewed by March 31, 2014.

Continuing education is mandatory.

All licensed agents/brokers—including principal brokers—must complete the approved CE course in order to renew their licence for March 31, 2014. For more information visit FSCO’s Mandatory 2014 Mortgage Broker and Agent Continuing Education Course (CE) page.
Once an agent/broker has completed the course, the course provider will upload the information to Licensing Link; if the course has not been completed, the renewal application will not be accepted. 

Steps to completing a mortgage broker/agent renewal:


  1. Log into Licensing Link through the Brokerage Log In
  2. Brokerage Log IN:
  • Enter brokerage Name or Brokerage Licence number and Licensing Link User ID and Password
  • If password does not work, send an email to to reset the password
  1. Main Menu –  select Renewal Application
  2. List of Agents/Brokers soon to expire will appear. Select the agent/broker which you want to send a renewal application to – a pop-up box will appear asking to select OK to confirm the addition of these individuals to the pending list
  3. List/Confirmation of applicants added to the Pending List – select Go to Pending List
  4. Pending List – if the status of an applicant shows Waiting for confirmation of CE course completion you will not be able to proceed
  5. Pending List – select the applicant’s name then select Send to Applicant.  You will be directed to the Pending Screen.  Proceed to step 9

    For a bulk renewal, select the boxes beside the multiple applicants whom you wish to send the renewal application to and then select Send to Applicant (in bulk)
  6. A pop-up box will appear asking to select OK confirming the applicants who will be receiving the renewal application
  7. Change of Applicant Status -  a box confirming the renewal application was sent to the applicants with notification of their change of status to ‘Waiting for Applicant Completion’ – which indicates that the applicant should go to their email inbox to open the email renewal application and complete.  Select Go to Pending List
  8. Pending List will list the current status of the applicants pending for renewal as ‘Waiting for Applicant Completion’ .When the applicant has completed their application – Pending List – status will change to ‘Ready for Final Brokerage Approval’
  9. Select on the agent’s name when ready to do the Final approval and send the application to FSCO
  10. Final Approval Screen:
  • rovides applicants’ details and information
  • Option to view applicants’ application
  • Payment Method – by brokerage
  • Approve – to submit application to FSCO
  • Cancel – to not send application to FSCO
  • Delete – to delete the whole application from the system
  1. After selecting Approve, the payment screen opens up for the credit card information to be entered with the amount owing.  Enter credit card information and select Make Payment to complete the application and send to FSCO
  2. Application submissions made after March 31, 2014, will not be considered renewals and the new application fee will apply.
Important: Please ensure your Brokerage contact information is up-to-date by emailing Annette Morris, Licensing Approvals Unit at:
If an application for yourself or any of your brokers or agents has not been submitted to FSCO by 11:59 p.m. on March 31, the licence for that individual will expire.  If you are the Principal Broker, your brokerage licence will be suspended.  For further information please visit the FSCO website.

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