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Mortgage Brokering Forms

Declaration of Compliance [PDF Document] Size: 129 kb

Declaration of compliance under section 45 of the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders, and Administrators Act, 2006

Financial Reporting Requirements for Mortgage Administrator [PDF Document] Size: 24 kb

Used for audit reporting

Investor/Lender Disclosure Statement for Brokered Transactions [PDF Document] Size: 98 kb

This form is required by law and will provide the prospective investor/lender with important information.

Mortgage Administrator Application Form [PDF Document] Size: 135 kb

Used for seeking a licence as a Mortgage Administrator

Mortgage Brokerage Application Form 

Used for seeking a licence as a Mortgage Brokerage

[PDF Document] Size: 117 kbPDF | [HTML Document] Size: ## kb Accessible version


Application for Surrender of Mortgage Brokerage Licence

Used to surrender a mortgage brokerage licence

[PDF Document] Size: ## kb PDF  | [HTML Document] Size: ## kb Accessible version  

Mortgage Business Activity Complaint Form [PDF Document] Size: 70 kb

For filing a complaint with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)

Pre-Payment Authorization Form [PDF Document] Size: 246 kb

Used for the payment of online fees

Renewal Form [PDF Document] Size: 98 kb

A disclosure document provided by the broker for the investor upon mortgage renewal



Annual Information Return (AIR)

The law requires mortgage brokerages and administrators to submit the AIR no later than March 31st of each year.  The AIR must be completed and submitted online using Licensing Link.

Sample Mortgage Brokerage AIR 


[PDF Document] Size: ## kb PDF  | [HTML Document] Size: ## kbAccessible version 



[PDF Document] Size: ## kb Size: ## kbSample Mortgage Administrator AIR


[PDF Document] Size: ## kb PDF  | [HTML Document] Size: ## kb Accessible version  Size: ## kb