FAQs on E-Filing the Actuarial Valuation Report (AVR) and the Actuarial Information Summary (AIS)

Q43:  What types of AVRs can be submitted through the Pension Services Portal (PSP)? 
A43:  The PSP accepts AVRs that are required to be filed under section 14 of Regulation 909.  AVRs required to be filed under other sections of Regulation 909, including but not limited to sections 3, 13 and 32, may not be filed using the PSP at this time.  They will be included in future PSP updates. –03/13
Q44:  What filing methods are available for AVRs and AISs on the PSP?
A44:  All AVRs and AISs that have a due date on or after January 1, 2013 must be filed electronically through the PSP.  AVRs must be submitted in PDF format and AISs must be submitted using an online form.  (Both AVRs and AISs must be filed electronically in accordance with Superintendent’s Rule # 4 – Mandatory Electronic Filings.)  Please do not mail a paper copy of a filing that was completed through the PSP to FSCO. 
An exception to the above is AVRs and AISs with a statutory due date before January 1, 2013, which have received an extension beyond January 1, 2013.  These filings are exempt from the electronic filing requirement and may still be submitted in paper format.
For AVRs and AISs that were due before January 1, 2013, if the valuation date is on or after January 1, 2010, then you may use the PSP to file electronically or you may file them in paper format.  Otherwise, they must be filed in paper format.  –03/13
Q45:  Can any individual e-file an AVR and AIS?
A45:  Yes.  Any individual with a valid PSP account* may submit the AVR and AIS through the PSP.  Please note that Part VII of the AIS must be completed by an actuary (FCIA) who has been delegated access to the plan through the PSP. 
* Individuals with a valid PSP account include the Pension Plan Administrator and any individual to whom the Pension Plan Administrator has delegated plan access through the PSP.    –03/13
Q46:  Where can I find step-by step instructions for e-filing the AVR and AIS?
A46:  For step-by-step instructions on completing, reviewing and printing the AVR and AIS, please refer to FSCO’s Instructions for E-filing the AVR and the AIS.  
Note:  To file electronically, you must first activate your PSP account.  –03/13

Q47:  Where can I find the instructions for completing the AIS?
A47: Please refer to the Instructions for Completing the Actuarial Information Summary 2011. –03/13
Q48:  How can I check the status of my plan’s AVR and AIS filings on the PSP?
A48:  After logging into your PSP account, you can check the status of the AVR and AIS filings by following these steps:
  1. On the top navigation bar, select "E-filing".
  2. On the “Filing Record” page, enter the plan registration number.
  3. Then select “AVR” from the filing drop down menu and choose the appropriate filing year from the drop down menu.  The status of the AVR and AIS filings will be shown in the “status” column.  –03/13
Q49:  I filed an AVR and AIS through the PSP.  How can I make changes to them?
A49:  You must make a re-filing request through the PSP.  See FAQs on submitting re-filing requests through the Pension Services Portal for answers to questions about re-filing.
If the filing is to be re-submitted and it was originally filed through the PSP, you must re-file it through the PSP regardless of the due date.  –07/13

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