The Principal Representative: a very important person for your Service Provider business

Issue No. 3, February 2014

The Principal Representative (PR) is the person designated by the business who will apply to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) for the Service Provider's licence.  Additionally, the PR will be responsible for ensuring the licensee’s business is carried on in accordance with the law, with integrity and with honesty. The PR will also be the primary contact with FSCO.

A "Service Provider"
is a business that provides specified goods or services to or in connection with statutory accident benefit claimants for which it submits an invoice (OCF-21) through Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) for payment by an auto insurer ("listed expenses"). Typically, a Service Provider is a health and rehabilitation clinic, or a provider of examinations and assessments.


Who is eligible to be designated as a PR?

If the business is a:


the PR must be a director or officer of the corporation.


the PR must be a partner.

limited partnership

the PR must be a general partner, or a director or officer of a corporation that is a general partner.

sole proprietorship

the PR must be the sole proprietor.
The PR does not have to be a Regulated Health Professional.  
Identify your business' PR quickly! The person designated as the PR should be the same person completing the Service Provider Licence Application Form online, starting in the spring of 2014. The PR needs enough time to prepare — don't wait.

Why is the Principal Representative's role so important?

Once designated and authorized, the PR will be the individual who will have the authority to:
  1. make certain decisions on behalf of the licensee regarding the licence;
  2. communicate with the Superintendent of Financial Services; and
  3. ensure the licensee is compliant with the Insurance Act.

How will the Principal Representative apply for a licence?

The PR will communicate with FSCO online. The PR will apply for the licence and monitor the status of the application from FSCO’s website. The application window will open later in the spring of 2014.
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The Service Provider Licence: How do I prepare? How do I apply? [New Window] This infographic will help the PR understand how to apply for a licence and ensure the business is ready.
Are You The Principal Representative? [New Window] This infographic will help you determine who should be the designated Principal Representative in your business.

I think I will be the Principal Representative. What must I do now?

It is your responsibility to stay informed.  
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  2. Attend our first Information Session on May 2, 2014! The event will be held in the afternoon, in Toronto. Save the date. You will receive an invitation shortly.

More information

Take a look at FSCO's FAQs for additional information about Service Provider licensing.

About FSCO

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