Learn About Licence Eligibility


Learn About Licence Eligibility

Service Providers Must be Registered with HCAI

Service providers must ensure that all of their facilities, branches or locations where goods and services are provided to statutory accident benefits claimants are registered with Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) to qualify for a service provider licence.

Determining Suitability for a Licence

FSCO will review applications to determine whether a service provider is suitable to hold a licence.  


As part of the review, FSCO will consider the past conduct of the service provider, as well as the past conduct of the service provider's Principal Representative, officers, directors, partners, employees, agents, contractors, and any other interested persons or entities connected to the service provider.


FSCO will also consider whether the past conduct of the person(s) above provide reasonable grounds for believing that the completion or submission of reports, forms, plans, and OCF-21s for listed expenses will not be carried out in a lawful way, or with integrity and honesty.


FSCO will also examine whether the person(s) referred to above have made a false statement or have provided false or deceptive information to FSCO in the application for a licence, or in a response to a request for information by FSCO.