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Principal Representatives will be required to create a FSCO Account before proceeding to the service provider application.

As of December 1, 2014, service providers who submit OCF-21 forms through Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI)[New Window] must be licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to invoice and receive direct payment from automobile insurers for specific "listed expenses" in connection with statutory accident benefits.
FAQ: What is a Service Provider?


FAQ: For which listed expenses will service providers require a licence in order to receive direct payment from auto insurers?
Service provider licences will be issued at the business or legal entity level (e.g., sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership). This means that only one licence is needed for all facilities, branches or locations operated by a service provider that provide specified goods or services to statutory accident benefit claimants.
A service provider's business structure will take one of the following forms: Sole Proprietorship; Partnership (General and Limited); or Corporation.


The Role of the Principal Representative


Prior to applying for a licence, the service provider must designate a Principal Representative. 
The Principal Representative will be accountable for completing and attesting to the application being submitted to FSCO.
If the licensee is a:
  • Sole proprietorship - The Principal Representative is the sole proprietor.
  • Corporation - The Principal Representative is a director or officer of the corporation.
  • Partnership - The Principal Representative is a partner.
  • Limited partnership - The Principal Representative is a general partner or a director or officer of a corporation that is a general partner.

The Application Process

The service provider licence application consists of five (5) parts:
  • Part 1 – Application
      A - Before you apply – what you will need
      B - Getting to know you
      C - Suitability
      D - Business information
  • Part 2 – Documents 
  • Part 3 – Review
  • Part 4 – Payment
  • Part 5 – Summary

 Before You Apply

  • The service provider and all its branches, locations and/or facilities must be registered, enrolled, and in good standing in HCAI.
  • The service provider must appoint a Principal Representative, as required by law, to complete the application and attestation.
  • Ensure your business' Principal Representative has the following information on hand before submitting a service provider licence application:
    • An Ontario mailing address that is suitable for receiving registered mail (not a post office box).
    • An email address.
    • Information about each facility, branch, or location registered with HCAI (such as: names, addresses and registration numbers) that will be listed under the service provider's licence.
    • Articles of Incorporation or Partnership Agreements (for a corporation or a partnership).
    • Your Canada Revenue Agency business number.
    • Your Ontario business registration number, if applicable.
    • Contact information of all officers, directors or partners of the business.
    • The number of regulated and unregulated practitioners, by profession.

Have the documentation supporting your application on hand.  You will need to upload some or all of them to successfully submit your application.


Consult our FAQs for more information regarding the licence application process.

Application Fees

When applying for a service provider licence, applicants will be required to pay a two-component fee consisting of:
  • A one-time licence application fee of $337

    This one-time fee covers the cost of assessing the application for satisfaction of the regulatory requirements, and determining whether the applicant qualifies for a licence.
  • An annual regulatory fee

    This annual regulatory fee covers the cost of regulating the service provider sector. It is proportional, and varies based on the size and nature of the applicant's business.

    Each applicant’s regulatory fee is calculated according to the following formula:

    $15 multiplied (x) by the total number of unique statutory accident benefit claimants in the calendar year before the year in which the application is made.

    plus (+)

    $128 multiplied (x) by the applicant's total number of business locations at the time the application is made.

    This regulatory fee is prorated, based on a fiscal year cycle that begins April 1 and ends March 31. For example, if the applicant is applying to obtain a licence that is effective December 1, 2014, the fee would be prorated for the period December 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 (four months).

    Using this same example, the full annual regulatory fee would be payable by the licensee beginning in April 1, 2015, and every year thereafter, as directed by FSCO.
Consult our FAQs for more information regarding fees.

More Information

For more information about service provider licensing, remember to:


Telephone: 416-250-7250
Toll free: 1-800-668-0128
Fax: (416) 590-7070
TTY: 1-800-387-0584